Harriet’s Path

Harriet walks down the sunbaked path with her grandchildren Nalugo and and Lambert. Living in a household with her 3 children and 8 grandchildren requires her to fetch water twice daily. With no other options for her and her family, it’s a task that’s become strenuous.

With the plastic jerry can gently resting on her head, Harriet steps into the lineup. It was about 3AM and other women waited patiently for their turn to fill their empty containers. Everyone wants water before it runs out amidst drought. 

When it’s her turn to fill, Harriet climbs down the short ladder and submerges her can in the murky water. She ignores the algae resting on the surface of the swamp. Today’s water supply could bring several types of waterborne disease. (Help Harriet via Donation for water supply)

Harriet clutches the handle of the jerry can and heaves it up above her head. Completely full, it weighs 40 lbs. Her legs stagger for a moment from the weight and then she slowly begins to make step after step, back to her home. Her little ones follow behind her with similar containers in hand, full to the brim. While walking, Harriet remembers her mother, who had given birth to her on a path much like this one. Her mother tragically never made it to the hospital in time to deliver Harriet in a room with proper help. Harriet now has the last name Nyamihanda, which means “a path”.

Making the trek for water is only one of many demanding tasks her family is burdened with on a day-to-day basis. Long days of work at the banana fields, taking care of her children, and more trips to the water source are needed to sustain the family.

The water problem is a big one for Harriet’s family, but there is hope!

With the help of local Ugandan funders, 400 community volunteer members, and hope givers like you, we can turn what was once a burden, into a freedom by building a water system that flows close to Harriet’s home.

Imagine the radical change that will take place for Harriet and her family!

What will life be like for her if she doesn’t need to spend all this energy retrieving water? What will it be like when she doesn’t need to worry about disease every time her children drank water? Imagine the freedom she’ll receive – peace, joy, rest, and extra time with her loved ones when their is a tap stand flowing clean water by her home!

We are each walking a path. Many of them can be difficult due to circumstances and often we need others to rally with us to overcome them.

Generous people like you can help Harriet by Donation for water supply  donate today 

Let’s end the thirst together!

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