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Give clean water, when it matters most

Give $10 Campaign

COVID-19 has swept the global, affecting everyone, from every walk of life, including the most vulnerable. Acts for Water has added to their programs to aid and minimize the dramatic impact the pandemic is having within East Africa.

Can you imagine hearing how critical it is to wash your hands, but only having water that you walked 3 hours to the swamp for, to do it with? Can you imagine being on lockdown for over 60 days, while living on less than $1 a day? Can you imagine facing the fear of COVID-19 in a country of 42 million and only 40 ICU beds?

Acts for Water is helping provide safety today so that a generation can thrive tomorrow. It all starts with clean water.

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Our goal with the Give $10 campaign is to have 2020 be the year everyday heroes can create tangible, positive impact even during this pandemic by joining our Monthly Membership Club. By committing to 1 year of $10/month (the equivalent of a Netflix or Spotify subscription) donors will bring a lifetime of fresh, clean water to a child who currently goes without. We will show donors where their gift went with GPS location, provide them with timely on location video content and keep them updated every step of the way. Getting started will be as easy as

Together, 2020 can be the year when we provide clean water, when it matters most.

This video, made just for you, highlights the personal impact your gift will have.

Will you join us and donate today? To find out more about the Give $10 campaign and to respond today, click HERE .

Thank you for giving clean water, when it matters most.

Clean water, when it matters most.

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