Fundraise for ACTS

Become a champion of clean water: start a fundraiser in your community. It’s easy and we have resources to help!

Step 1
Create a Fundraiser on Kindful or Chimp. Set a fundraising goal and let your friends and family know why you’re choosing to fundraise for clean water through ACTS.

Step 2
Let your network know about your fundraiser. Using social media and email are great inexpensive ways to get your message out and share about our cause. Access our Toolkit for Facebook cover images, logos, and other fundraising goodies.

Step 3
Don’t forget to personally thank everyone who donated. Those who donated to your campaign will receive an official tax receipt and confirmation, but sending your personal thank you will make them feel appreciated and increase the chances of them supporting you again in the future. Send a quick thank you card or give your supporter a call.


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