Fundraise for ACTS

Become a champion of clean water: start a fundraiser in your community. It’s easy and we have resources to help!

1. Get Creative

Every great fundraising campaign starts with a creative idea

Here are three examples to help you brainstorm:

    1. Run, bike or hike for clean water and ask sponsors to give for every kilometre travelled.
    1. Plan a birthday party and asks guests to donate in lieu of gifts.
  1. Plan a fancy dinner party for friends and family and share why you support ACTS.

2. Set Up Your Fundraiser

Set your goal and explain why you are fundraising

    1. It’s important to tell your friends and family why you, personally, have chosen to fundraise. Why is clean water important to you and why have you chosen ACTS as the recipient of your fundraising? This will help connect your peers to the cause.
    1. Set an achievable goal. Generally we recommend between $500 and $1,000, unless you’ve fundraised before and have a good idea of the number you’ll be able to reach.
    1. Include your own name in the title of your fundraiser so that it’s easy for your friends to find your page.
    1. Upload a photo of yourself so that you’re easy to identify.
  1. Finally, before you share your page with friends, make the first donation. This is a great way to set the bar: are you going to ask key donors for $50, $100, $250? Set the example and they’ll be more likely to follow suit.

Remember: every $125 raised provides a lifetime of clean water to one Ugandan.

3. Ask, Ask, Ask

A direct, personal ask is key to reaching your goal

We know that asking seems like the scariest part, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s kind of like jumping off a diving board: the first time is a little scary, but the more you do it the easier it becomes.

Here’s what we suggest:

    1. Start with the people who know you best. Ask your mom, your best friend, your siblings—the people who love you and who will support you almost without question. This is a great way to warm up.
    1. Expand to good friends and your extended family. The more you can meet people in person and explain why you’re fundraising, the better. It’s harder to ignore your pitch in a conversation over coffee than from a group email.
  1. Finally, once you’ve built some momentum, you can spread the word about your fundraiser through direct, personal emails or social media.

4. The Final Push

Remind your friends of the deadline as you make a final push

One week before the end of your fundraiser is a great time to remind your network to donate, and then again on the last day. Even well meaning friends and family forget, so it’s important to give them a friendly nudge:

    1. Follow up with everyone who has pledged but not donated as of yet.
    1. Check in with friends who asked for more time to think about it.
  1. Let people know how close you are to your goal—the closer you are to your goal the more likely someone will chip in a few bucks to help you succeed.

5. Celebrate & Say Thanks

You’ve reached your goal! It’s time to celebrate!

Congratulations! Let your friends and family know you’ve achieved your goal.

Thank each and every donor personally. Remind them how their donation will be used: to bring clean water to children, women, and men Uganda. And let them know how they can stay connected to ACTS:

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