Description:  WASH Engineer

The WASH Engineer coordinates and supervises all the activities that require specific civil engineering knowledge (in particular water and sanitation engineering).  This position will also act as line manager for community mobilizers / PHAST team, and will work closely with the entire programming team.  


  • Working with the District Water Office and line Ministry to approve designs for schemes and Sanitation facilities.
  • Hydraulic design of water schemes (Gravity Flow Schemes) using Excel,  EpaNET or WaterCAD and using Google Earth imagery. 
  • Preparing drawings for construction of tanks,  sanitation facilities and pipe schematics.
  • Overseeing water quality testing for sources before and after development working with the ACTS’ water quality technicians. Propose recommendations for the water treatment systems.  Ensure that this is updated in online field reports.
  • Preparing BOQs/material cost estimates for new schemes, retrofit and Sanitation facilities / construction works to be implemented in program target areas.
  • Conducting Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for schemes before and after construction.
  • Mapping completed system structures in mWater to keep as a built record. 
  • Using level and rod survey techniques for rectifying critical elevations.
  • Mentor construction team in construction best practices.
  • Taking part in preliminary surveys to identify needs and inform the number of WASH facilities needed for schools and healthcare facilities. 

Assessments & Reports

  • Conduct field visits to the proposed areas to identify WASH infrastructure rehabilitation needs.
  • Conduct Environmental Impact Assessments, pre and post-project.
  • Management of Water Quality Testing, and keeping of reports.
  • Compile Assessment reports and work plan for implementation of the proposed activities.
  • Conduct need assessment for all water, sanitation infrastructure (Latrine, water supply system, water treatment units etc.) in targeted areas.
  • Conducting Participatory Rural Assessments (PRAs) to appropriately allocate taps in communities working with the mobiliser, foreman and M&E.   Assist with conducting community surveys as needed.
  • In collaboration with community mobilizer and community health volunteers participate in selection of targeted communities and ensure registration of beneficiaries for all water, sanitation infrastructure (Latrine, water supply system etc.) in targeted areas.
  • To conduct technical assessment and feasibility survey for all water and sanitation infrastructure in targeted areas.
  • Contribute toward monthly field reports.
  • Write other reports as needed / requested.


  • Knowledge of Results-Based Management / evidence-based program frameworks an asset.
  • Collaborating in the research and writing of technical proposals.
  • co-creating WASH strategy development.
  • Co-creating program budgeting process.
  • co-creating work plans for project implementation and WASH staff teams. 
  • mWater training, creation of surveys and assisting in Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) data collection.  Or learning the use of other online reporting tools.
  • Stakeholder analysis, engagement, and management — including NGO and government officials.
  • Training of community schools in the Management of WASH facilities for sustainability.
  • Execute implementation of all WASH infrastructure activities as per implementation plan, BOQs, drawings and specifications.
  • Cooperatively monitor and supervise WASH activities alongside a program team, ensuring effective implementation of the engineering related WASH activities (e.g. sanitation plans, facility maintenance, GFS maintenance, environmental management).
  • Maintain material records at construction sites and ensure quality of all material arrived on all sites.
  • Validate the progress and quality of work of the contractors, and make the connection with the administration and logistics to ensure their payments are done well on time.
  • Identify project supplies needs, and work with the Director of Field Operations to ensure supply chain management.  Prepare requisitions and coordinate with the operation team to ensure materials arrive timely to the work site.
  • Ensure that the construction team can properly read and understand engineering drawings, and the application of them.  Conduct in-house training as needed.  
  • Proven experience of coordinating with District Water officials. Experience with public health promotion and integration with engineering activities.
  • Technical Training of community mechanics, WASH committees and volunteers.
  • Regular visits to field areas to supervise all WASH infrastructure activities and ensure quality assurance of engineered structures.

Integration, coordination and transversal aspects

  • Work with a community mobilizer team to ensure that construction work is integrated with hygiene promotion and community participation component, to ensure sustainability of the infrastructure built.
  • Coordinate WASH construction activities with other program interventions e.g. entrepreneurial to integrate activities in the same geographical area and for the same beneficiaries.
  • Ensure all WASH infrastructure activities are well coordinated with local authorities and all stakeholders, Also ensure integration of engineering activities with hygiene promotion activities.  
  • Ensure that construction works are integrated with hygiene promotion and community participation component, to ensure sustainability of the infrastructure built.
  • Regularly meet the community and their leaders whenever in the field to explain what WASH team is doing in their community.
  • Actively participate in weekly management and team meetings.
  • Ensure program integration between WASH Teams and other sectors throughout the planning, design and implementation stages to create synergy effects.
  • Work closely with the program team and government stakeholders throughout a process of graduating communities to Open Defecation Free certification.
  • Listen to voice and the suggestion of the community and provide technical guidance and support feedback to provide better understanding of the between ACTS and Community.
  • Oversee or create a community-based oversight system for all engineering works done by contractors.
  • Ensure a safe working environment for all people involved in project implementation.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning

  • Work with the M&E Manager on the program Performance Measurement Framework (PMF)  and other program logic models as part of the Senior Leadership / Program teams.
  • Ensure that WASH infrastructure construction and rehabilitation works are carried out according to BOQs, drawings, quality standards established by ACTS through quality checklists. 
  • Weekly reporting of data in order to follow up the standard project and strategic indicators are being tracked.

Personal values & qualities

  • Team Player: Appreciates and strengthens the team effort. 
  • Innovative leadership: Inspires program innovation, and inspires teammates toward high performance.
  • Detail Oriented: Capable of carrying out a given task with all details necessary to get the task done well


  • Bachelor/Graduate degree in Civil engineering, Environmental or public health engineering or equivalent.
  • Experience: Experience of minimum 3 years in the field of construction, including 1 year in WASH infrastructure sector. Experience related to water & sanitation engineering in a humanitarian setting, including direct experience of repairing and constructing water tank filtration systems. Technical expertise should also include water quality analysis, sanitation, structural design and/or construction.

Application Process:

Interested candidates should submit their Cover Letters detailing their experiences and skills, Curriculum Vitae, Copies of relevant academic documents and 3 references to:

The Administrative Officer, Africa Community Technical Service, P.O Box 901, Ruharo, Mbarara.  Documents can be delivered by hand or Email on no later than 13th May, 2022, 5:00 pm (East African Time)

Note: In your application provide: Your name, email, address, reliable telephone numbers.