From Little Hands and Big Hearts

It all started with two milk jugs and two little pairs of hands.

Having just returned from Uganda in 2019, two young boys – Grayson and Noah – decided to raise money for Acts for Water. They had both been trying to understand why having access to clean and safe drinking water is so important. Questions and ideas flowed from them, especially 8-year-old Grayson.

The boys put together a display for their home – complete with dirty water in milk jugs from a nearby ravine.

Every time their family had guests over, they jumped at the chance to talk about Acts for Water and the importance of their work with the communities of Uganda!

They set a big goal of raising $125. But when they ended up raising $336, Grayson and Noah were so pumped!

Fast forward four years, and one more brother (Gavin) later, their parents were leaving the house to attend an event in Edmonton. The boys asked where they were going, and they told them that the event was called Wine to Water, raising money for Acts.

The kids darted upstairs.

When they came down, they were carrying an envelope with $22.40 – their own money they’d saved up. The three brothers had made a decision collectively to bring clean water to kids just like them in Uganda.

Having already been to Uganda themselves, they had seen the need and wanted to do what they could to help, again, asking their parents to take the money with them.

Truly, the generous gifts that come from big hearts and the littlest hands have the most profound impact!