Florence’s Story

Flourishing in Kisabo!!

In February 2020, the Acts Uganda team broke ground in Muhaha – the third phase of our Kicuzi Water Project – our largest and most comprehensive ever. What we didn’t know at the time was that just 1 kilometre down the road there was a village called Kisabo with over 120 families, none of whom had access to clean, disease-free water. For those families, life in Kisabo was limited.

We met 15-year-old Florence there. Not once in her life had she tasted fresh, clean water. Instead, she was reminded of the limitations of being without clean water in her village, every single day. Living way up in the hills meant that Florence would spend several hours climbing the rough terrain with her jerry can to fetch water for her family, as is generally required of children. It wasn’t so much the physical effort that made this daily task difficult though. It was the dread that rose in her each time she left the house knowing she’d likely encounter the mischievous monkeys who shared that same dirty water source. Imagine a 15-year-old girl, traveling hours by herself fearing what she’d meet at the swamp!

Life of Florence when there was no fresh water supply

Once Florence did collect water and began the journey home, the weight of the jerry can increased with each step. By the time she returned the water to her family and made her journey to school, her legs were sore, her teachers would often punish her for being late, and she could barely focus on her studies.  

Despite her challenges, Florence held onto a dream: “Could there be kind people to help us have access to water so that I collect it near and then dodge daily punishments at school? With clean water, we can also develop and be important people.”

Thanks to you and your generous support, the tap has turned on right outside of Nyamabaare Primary School and the latrines have been built. Florence’s dream is coming true! She is now enjoying your gift of clean, disease-free water along with the ability to attend school year-round (even during her menstrual cycle) because of safe access to private latrines. Her cup and her smile are overflowing. That extra time she used to spend walking to collect water can be spent attending school, doing homework, and playing with her friends – developing into “an important person” as she once spoke of. A truly life-changing gift.

Just a few weeks ago, she shared with joy: “When I imagine the last time I was requesting for clean water and good latrines, I can’t believe that this is how quickly my request was honoured! Good and clean water is already at my school and in my community and just look at these beautiful latrines! Thank you so much!”

With the entire Kicuzi Project now complete, over 17,000 people have access to the life-giving gift of clean water, latrines at their schools, and some of the best hygiene and sanitation training in the world! And thanks to you, Florence is flourishing as she looks to a brighter future filled with better health, a solid education, safety, and employment!


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