Canada’s Most Expensive Water Charity


I am proud of the fact that Acts for Water is Canada’s Most Expensive Water Charity™.

While other charities boast of the fact that for just $30 you can provide water to one person, we believe it really costs closer to $125: for life. 

Knowing that all of this goes into the stated cost of the project, does anyone believe it could be done for $30?

  1. Pipes going from a source of water the distance from Coquitlam to Fort Langley, to serve a population three times the size of Fort Langley.
  2. Health and hygiene training for each and every person in the community. Walking with them until they’ve completely transformed their behaviour and their house has a latrine, their kitchen is built, and their home is clean.
  3. Latrines built in schools and equipping the kids with hygiene and sanitation knowledge
  4. Implementing a plan to help the community sustain this system for 20+ years and then re-invest in that system after it hits its “shelf life.”

Would you believe that this can be done for $30, for life? 

Of course not. Consider for a moment what $30 can buy. Of course dollars go further in the Global South, but not that far. Certainly not if you include anything going for long-term maintenance and sustainability, and certainly not if you even dare pay a cent to [wait for it] those greedy Canadians.

$125 may seem expensive, but imagine for a moment what it may cost to provide staff at living wages, to pay for piping, trucks, cement, training and more for tens of thousands of people. $125 for life, becomes a steal.

When the District Government did an independent study on the cost to provide water to their extreme rural population, our solution still came in at ½ the cost of theirs. I’m not exaggerating by a bit.

And so we’re faced with some choices when it comes to charity marketing, regardless of the field. Either the charity is delivering a sub-par service, or they aren’t telling the whole story.

We’re proud to be Canada’s Most Expensive Water Charity™. And we’re going to keep delivering the most holistic, sustainable, community-focused water solution in the world. 

And yes, it will likely cost more than $30 a person, for life.

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