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A world filled with more opportunity, more potential and more thriving, starts when people have access to clean, safe water. Join this fight to bring water to all.

Just 1 year of $10 a month will provide 1 person with clean water for life.

Don’t we all long for a world that is more equitable? 

For us, the first step is water. It is one resource that, when given access to, allows women like Rhoda the opportunity to experience more equity. We know equity goes beyond water, but water is a vital place to start

July 18th is Nelson Mandela Day, a day honoring a man who was a fierce advocate for equity and water. Join us in this conversation and action by sharing what equity means to you by posting on social media using #WaterEquity and tagging @actsforwater

Help transform lives by joining us in a better way to give clean water.  

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine not having access to clean water, a hand-washing station or soap during this global pandemic? Can you imagine your daughter having to drop out of school because there is no toilet or water to wash with?

Water Poverty is the single most important threat to a thriving community and women are often 8x more likely to fetch water than men, making them vulnerable to attack and sacrificing opportunities for health, income and a thriving future.  

For just $10/month, you can provide clean water for 1 girl when it matters most.

About Acts for Water

We believe giving a child clean, accessible water is the best way to help them transform their future.

We’re focussed on being the best at just that, but we need your help to do even more. 

For over 30 years, passionate people like you have been partnering with Acts for Water to provide clean, accessible water delivered right to the homes of children in rural Uganda. 

This work has changed everything and now we need you to join us so that we can continue empowering communities and changing lives.

Our Approach

To provide one child with clean and fresh water for life

Every dollar counts, 100% of your gift today will go to Uganda