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In the middle of a rainy day, we hope you can take a few minutes to enjoy these exciting updates from Uganda. There is lots for us to celebrate, thanks in huge part to your support!


🏁 Close to the Finish Line – We are nearly done with the last phase of our biggest project yet, including an additional extension to the last mile village called Kisabo. When complete, over 17,000 more people will have a lifetime of clean water! We’re seeing improvements like 98.4% of households practicing handwashing and having adequate latrines!

🚽 New Toilets for Nyamabaare Primary School – 4 out of 5 latrine blocks – a total of 20 stalls/toilets – have been completed!! The 5th latrine is under construction and will include an entrance for privacy and special provision for menstrual management and special needs. As a result, the student enrollment has increased by 71% for females.

Next Up – The team in Uganda is gathering baselines for our next project in Masha Village (population of 10,000) involving interviews and focus groups with households to understand their current water source, sanitation resources and needs. Plus, at long last, we received final signatures on the MOU with the Isingiro District who is partnering and pledging their support of funds towards the project! More on this to come in 2 weeks!


“I want to thank Acts for Water for building good latrines at our school. We, as girls, didn’t have our own latrines. We were sharing the latrine with the church and if the church closed the latrine, we were forced to share with the boys. That situation forced many of us to always be absent. Thank you Acts for building such beautiful latrines as they have enough stances! This has cleared away the challenge of waiting. They have put a bathroom for helping girls to clean themselves when they are in periods, and one stance for disabled. I have hopes that when the lockdown is over, we shall go back to our school and start using our beautiful latrines without any interference and we will not get sick anymore.”

– Desire (12 years old), Nyamabaare Primary School

“I want to thank Acts for Water for building good latrines at our school and clean and safe water. We used to fetch water down the hills from a big distance and affected our grades. We will not feel the bad odour again or flies because of the good latrines you have built for us, the water is just in our school compound now! This means we will never find other pupils ahead of us in studying due to the time that we were fetching water from the distance!”

– Lincolin (10 years old), Nyamabaare Primary School

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Join us as We [over] Come Together in empowering families!

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