Join us this World Water Day (March 22) as we connect 150 Christians in Canada with the Kagera Church in Uganda to bring clean water to this community.

Join with the Kagera Church


Help us put in a TapStand at the Kagera Church to bring 6000 litres of clean, fresh water to 375 people in the surrounding area who will daily come to the Church to draw water: for life.

Church Initiative 2020


We’re looking for 10 champions to ask 15 friends in their Christian community to join us in this special opportunity. 100% of the money raised will go to place a tap stand right in front of this Church community, providing 6000 litres of water: everyday.

Church Initiative 2020

2 Ways

We will send video interviews from the community Church back to your group, and give you an opportunity to send messages back to the community. Our hope is to take one more step towards fostering empathy and connection through this small but powerful act.


Will you champion this effort to help us bring clean water to the Kagera Church? We are looking for 10 people willing to ask 15 others to give $50. We’ll support you with images, stories and videos to help along the way.

Email: to sign up or learn more!

Click Donate to give $50 towards this initiative. In the “notes” section kindly write who (or what) inspired your gift so we can report back to your group’s champion!

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