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How would you decide who gets water? We grapple with it everyday.

BTS: How would you decide who gets water? We grapple with it everyday.


I’d like to introduce you to Gordon. He is a 7-year-old boy who currently lives in Muhaha, Uganda and spends hours every day walking to fetch water for his family.

The water crisis is far-reaching and impacts all aspects of life including education, food security, productivity, and income. It also disproportionately impacts the lives of children like Gordon.

Over the next three weeks, the board at Acts for Water have to make a decision regarding breaking ground in Muhaha. Though we don’t have to physically break ground until December, work within the community has to begin fairly soon, along with preparing the materials required for the build.

A really tough question we consider every day is:

How do we decide which communities in Uganda get water?

First, we evaluate the need. In close partnership with local communities, we consider a wide range of factors including their socio-economic context, their current walk for water and how contaminated their current source of water might be.

Not all water needs are the same.

Then we account for cost. It is important to note that all projects differ in scale, which dictates what we are required to fundraise. Sometimes we do cheaper projects with an immediate impact. Other times, we do projects that may cost more, but there exists an undeniable need.

This culminates in our ability. Are the communities in a region we normally service? How difficult is it to access? Is it practical for our team to work there? How strong is the local community buy in for this project?

As a modest, community charity, we are constantly balancing need, cost and ability. We recognize that there is always going to more demand than there is supply. Kids like Gordon may spend their lives walking for hours to fetch water.

Yet, through our work, kids like Gordon may also gain access to clean water, and explore new opportunities throughout life.

It is because of your kind generosity and support that we can create such compelling change and positive impact.

Your relationship with clean water continues to transform lives.

– Jeff
CEO, Acts for Water

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