1 in 4 girls don’t graduate in Africa

You’ve helped change this.


As our kids here in Canada prepare to return to school after almost 6 months at home, I’m sure you’ve never thought more about whether the learning environment at school will keep your kids physically healthy or not.

Schools being a healthy and safe place to learn isn’t something we would generally consider in Canada. It is assumed that they are.

And yet, for girls in Uganda this is top of mind for every parent, every year. In fact, 1 in 4 girls don’t graduate secondary school because they’re just not healthy places to be.

And the reason?

A lack of water and a lack of latrines.

But you have helped change this. 

While Uganda has been in lockdown, our team recently finished building latrines at 4 schools across the region. This means over 1200 kids will now have access to a clean and safe place to use the washroom and drink water from when school resumes.

It means more stories like Olive from Rwera – who wants to grow up to become a Nurse.

“I want to thank Acts for helping bring us clean water and teaching us how to clean our hands and the importance of sanitation. When we didn’t have clean water, we used to get sick, but now, I can take this water whenever I want without boiling it first” 

– Olive

As a parent of a child about to enter Kindergarten, I can appreciate what it must be like to worry about my kid being kept safe in school. But I can’t imagine worrying about basic things like safe drinking water and washrooms.

You’ve helped reduce this worry, and eliminated the number one reason why girls do not complete their education in Uganda. A simple tap and a toilet.

Parents: we’re thinking of you as you wrestle with those big decisions this week and beyond. Thank you for making the decision for parents in Uganda in the weeks ahead, that much easier.


PS. we’ve adapted our programming so teachers can easily engage their students in the cause of global water poverty during this challenging time. We’ll provide options that can be done fully remote, in-person or a small group based event that are both socially distanced. Visit walk4water.ca for all the details.

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