An Incredible Partnership

February 1, 2018

As I’ve reflected on the year past and look forward with anticipation to the year ahead, the common thread that has stood out to me  is the power of partnership. From returning donors, partnering with monthly and first time donors across Canada, to our team in Uganda partnering with local volunteers and the community members. All of these people, here and in Uganda are  working together to accomplish something amazing. There are so many great examples of partnership that have become clear to me in my time with ACTS so far. Canadian or Ugandan, we’ve each had a critical role in the good work that 2017 held, and all of us have a critical role in the year ahead as well.

This past year our team in Uganda started and finished the Bwirambere Gravity Flow System: a project your partnership helped provide the foundation for a few years ago. Because of your overwhelming generosity, we were able to complete this system without any Canadian government funding. This is a historic first for the ACTS community!  Over 6,000 residents of Bwirambere will now enjoy clean, safe water: right from a tap rather than walking 3km down dirt roads to a marsh. This will change everything for them as they start to regain their time, health and resources.  I am excited to report the impact of clean water on Bwirambere in the years to come.

Over 6,000 residents of Bwirambere will now enjoy clean, safe water. This will change everything for them. 

In August, our team began work on our next project, the Nkomero Gravity Flow System. Your gifts this year went towards this project which will be the second system the ACTS community will have built together without government support. I saw the beginning of this project, witnessing the back breaking work of clearing the hills that would become the water source. I watched men and women hauling bricks and cement up the side of the mountain to start the reservoir. On the other side of town, our team mobilized the community to begin health and sanitation work, starting with the schools. It’s truly inspiring to witness all that your support made possible already. Soon, Nkomero’s children won’t have to go out early in the morning to fetch water from a contaminated borehole, women won’t have to spend their days collecting and boiling water, and the entire community will be lifted out of the cycle of disease and poverty – all because of you and the incredible community around ACTS.

Meanwhile other members of our team in Uganda were supported by you to help kids go through school, build clean and safe latrines in communities that have none, and walk alongside women and men, showing them how clean water can really change everything.

In Canada, ACTS also went through some changes. Nate Lepp moved on after expertly guiding ACTS through a critical transitional season. We also said farewell to Joel Bentley who had crafted with care our communications and kept the office running for the past few years. We’ve moved our office and are now just up the street, sharing space with other charities. You are welcome to drop by anytime for a coffee!

We often talk about the numbers: numbers of taps turned on, numbers of people who are benefitting from these systems, the number of dollars we need to raise and so on and so forth. While the numbers are good and important, what they actually point to are the people whose lives you’ve changed through you joining us again this year in giving. This is the real story, their journey is the real highlight that we will continue to share with you as the year and as their lives unfold, now with the hope that clean water brings.  

Thank You for your investment into the lives of the people of Uganda. There’s so much more we can do together and I’m excited to journey with you in partnering together to bring clean water to those in need.

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