We believe that a more equitable world, a world filled with more opportunity, more potential, more thriving, starts when people have access to clean, safe water.

Having access to water means more kids can walk to school rather than to the swamp. It means women are empowered because they can feel “clean” – something a young mother shared in the privacy of her home when asked what water meant to her. It means parents can earn an income. It means communities are lifted from poverty.

It means a more equitable world for all, and it can start, with water, for just $10.

With the second wave of COVID in full force in Uganda, the need for clean water and handwashing is critical, more than ever before! They remain the best defenses against any virus. Yet, water poverty is a critical global concern, perhaps the biggest barrier to equity.

On this day inspired by Nelson Mandela – join us in inspiring others to take part in making the world a more equitable place. Together you and I can make this world a bit more equitable, so many others like Rhoda can continue to live their daily lives without having to fight for equal access to health, live in fear of their safety, and not be disadvantaged by gender and economic inequity.

Giving $10 a month to provide water for 1 person for life is a great place to start. We have a goal of 22 people joining us in this way to provide the funds necessary to supply an extension of 22 more taps in Kabanga Village currently going without clean water. This is an incredible and timely opportunity to bring water to thousands more people in this region!

Together we can make a ripple effect: the world becoming a bit more equitable, one drop at a time.