A Life Changing Trip: Acts Supporters in the Field

Acts supporters and members of the Good Drink Beverages company joined us on our trip to Kucuzi for the area’s tap stand celebration. Gilbert Yeung (pictured above-right, middle) shares about his life changing experience.

It was important to visit Uganda and see Acts water projects first hand to understand how operations worked in the field so we can better explain it to other supporters and customers.

Trip to Kucuzi with supporters

I was surprised by the amount of community engagement and involvement that needs to happen in order for tap stands to be built. The ongoing health education means there’s a bigger picture and longer lasting impact than just providing clean water.

I came home with a greater purpose of what we need to do as a company to support Acts with our company’s sales. Something as simple as clean water, which most of us take for granted in Canada, is something that can change lives halfway across the world.

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