50 Years Strong

Acts for Water’s story began in June 1972 when Jim Wardroper founded the Red Sea Desert Development Society (renamed ACTS in 1983) to provide water in Eritrea. The journey these 50 years since is nothing short of a miracle framed in perseverance and strength to walk alongside those in deep need. 

Here are just some of the projects done along the way:

Water catchments for cattle in Kenya

Bikes for pastors in Zaire and Rwanda

Carpentry School (1990) and Clinic (1995)

Library Projects (2004 & 2008)

First Mutual Benefit Society (2005)

Quilting Workshop (2009)

It wasn’t until 1989 that ACTS began a more focussed effort on clean water systems. Overall, we’ve seen over 29 projects completed serving more than 258,000 people in dozens of communities throughout Western Uganda! 

Dive into the fuller history at acts.ca/history

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