3 – 2 – 1 Thursdays!


3 -2 – 1 Thursdays!

Hand-washing teaching, posters, radio broadcasts, supply distribution. It’s funny how the fundamentals in Canada and in Uganda to prevent the spread of COVID-19 remain the same. The tactics on the ground just look different.

Just like the fundamentals on how important clean water, hand-washing and sanitary latrines are the same in Canada we just perhaps didn’t notice it as much as we do now. But in Uganda, it matters now, more than ever. Today with this special 3 – 2 – 1 Thursday we’re launching a campaign to further our work in these fundamental areas, and I want to invite you to join us with a gift of $25. Read on for more and visit acts.ca/donate to join us today.

Here’s your 3-2-1 Thursday for this month.


1. 👏 Our team’s rapid response in distributing emergency supplies, setting up hand-washing stations and teaching social distancing and more was highlighted by Uganda’s leading sector magazine. You can read our summary HERE.

2. 🚽 While Uganda is still under lockdown, our team has received special permission to go out to the villages and continue our work, with added activities and measures to help those facing extra needs during this time. Clean water and safe latrines matter more than ever and right now, so we’re focusing on finishing up latrines at schools in the regions to reduce disease rates. Rachel (our WASH Coordinator) joined a radio broadcast which covered over 18 000 000 people, and our WASH team has reached upwards of 16 382 people, via megaphones this past month!

3. 👫  We’ve put together our Top 5 resources to help parents and kids connect with the water crisis HERE. And if you’re a teacher and would like Jeff to join your class for a Zoom call, just reply here and we’d love to set it up.


1. “You’re not stuck at home. You’re safe at Home”
– Gerald, a 2018 Nursing Graduate, sponsored by the Acts community, now working at the Mbarara Hospital. This was his recent Facebook Post (HERE). Many students you have supported over the years are working day in and out in hospitals across Uganda today. Funny how the message stays the same here and there.

2. “Thank you Acts for Water for training us how to practice proper sanitation – now we are free from poor hygiene! Acts has not left us again in this trying moment were we are battling with the virus! Thank you for bringing us soap, jerry cans, strings, and for teaching us how to make tippy tap and to use it, which will help prevent ourselves against contracting the virus. I believe we will see victory against COVID-19 because of your help!”
Evalynbeneficiary from Acts for Water in Uganda


1. 💧Can you imagine not having access, tools or knowledge to wash your hands, food, or your body, day in and day out in a time like this? Clean water matters most today. Your gift of $25 will help us teach soap making, hand-washing, and continue the incredible reach we’ve had already in the coming weeks to communities in need. 100% of your gifts will go to our work in Uganda. Please give generously.  Acts.ca/donate.

Thanks as always for being a part of this community – clean water and your role in it matters more than ever.

– Jeff Golby

CEO, Acts for Water

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