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On this hot summer day, here’s a quick note of encouragement. Why not take a little water break and check out these updates on what you are a part of because of your generous commitment to the Acts for Water community?!


1. ?? Here’s a new acronym for you: PHAST – Participatory Hygiene And Sanitation Transformation. Our team has recently led PHAST in 2 primary schools for a total of 967 students empowering them and their communities to take ownership of their health and hygiene futures.

2. ? 2 latrine blocks have been completed at Muture Primary School! This reduced the student:stance ratio from 125 students:1 toilet to 44:1 for boys, and from 154:1 to 47:1 for girls. That means more privacy and better hygiene for kids while they study, thanks to you!

3. ? When building latrines at schools, our team hires local labour to excavate the pit (3m deep, 2.7m wide and 7m long). This typically consists of four men, each working 7 hours a day for 30 working days. So it takes approximately 840 local labour hours to build one latrine.


“We are glad and happy that 1 of the 5 toilets has been completed and surprisingly there is an option for children with disabilities to access without difficulty. When we were told about this project we thought it could not reach us as we are far in the back ends of the hills where we seem cut off from the rest with no phone network and living in our own world. Our school had lacked toilets for a very long time and we are glad that our children can brighten their future in a school with good latrines like those in towns we used to admire. We did not pay money to have the toilets but rather contributed locally available materials and we give glory to God and thank ACTS for coming to us who live in last mile villages”.

– Issac, Acts for Water Beneficiary from Kisabo Village

“I thank ACTS strongly for making wonders for me. I would walk for an hour to fetch water but now in 5 minutes, I get safe water from the tap. I can cook food and go to work. My children would be sick and could not go a year without coughing every day. My children now live in peace and no longer feel sick. So I thank you endlessly.”

– Frondinanta, Acts for Water Beneficiary

1 ASK:

1. On July 18th, we began a conversation around equity and water and asked you – our community – to share your own experiences with these subjects. Doing something like sharing your personal equity story can create a ripple effect, leading to others finding their voice too. We would love to continue the conversation about a more equitable world. If you would like to share share your experience with equity and water with us, we’d love to hear it! Email lisa@acts.ca to share.

We look forward to learning with you.

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