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This New Year is off to the right start! Thanks to your generosity over the Christmas season alone, we get to spend 2022 working to spread joy, through the life-changing gift of water to those still in need.


1. ? Water for 5,000 – We blew past our year end goal and brought water to over 5,000 – double any previous records, thanks to you! The funds from the past 3 months came from 278 transactions, including 53 new donors.

2. New Water System for Masha Village – Surveys are done, camp is moved and the team is about to launch the project to bring water to Masha Village. With the local government’s contribution and the community volunteers (including Imelda & Fatuma) ready to work, 20,000 more people will soon have access to clean, safe water!

3. ? Resilient Communities – The final 9 villages in our most recent Kicuzi Project have achieved the highest level of national recognition for hygiene and sanitation standards! They scored 100% on sanitation upgrades, 90% on latrine coverage, and 95% on Hand Washing Facility (HWF) coverage. All this enables these communities to be more resilient, especially in the continued fight against COVID variants.


I’m so happy for this clean water. I thank the Lord that a 2 hour distance has turned into a 10 minute distance! You really deserve a big clap!”
– Esther from Kisabo

“Starting a new water project in Masha Village is going to help improve the quality of life for families, reduce the daily burden of water collection and water-related diseases, plus households will be able to increase crop production and nutrition levels will improve! Community members will gain new knowledge and skills in areas of water maintenance, sanitation and hygiene, and the number of stakeholders is growing!”
– Richard Musinguzi, ACTS Uganda

1 ASK:

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Thanks for helping make this a really happy New Year!

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