Clean Water for 24 Families in 24 Hours

Giving Tuesday

Last month in Masha Village, Athens had the privilege of meeting Imelda in her garden planting beans. Despite the heat of the day and the incline of the hillside, she couldn’t believe the high speed at which she worked to dig, cut and throw seeds into the ground. She even used her mouth to throw the seeds into the dirt! That method of planting makes the throat dry. When Athens looked her in the eyes, even she could feel her thirst.

I walk long distances 3 times a day that make me reach home late at night. I find myself so tired after gardening and adding another burden of going down to those valleys behind me to fetch water. Kindly help us to have water near our village.”

– Imelda

Today, we are asking you to reach across the water with us and walk alongside Imelda, her family and thousands of others, to transform the exhausting labour of fetching water into something that produces life. Together we can all contribute to building a gravity flow system right in Masha Village that could soon deliver thousands of litres of water every day, right to their homes, health clinics and schools.

Imelda’s hard work ethic will no longer be wasted on something that makes her sick, because you and I can walk alongside her to overcome this small barrier, and offer her the hand up she needs to thrive.

We can see a future soon when her village has clean water, where she is dancing from this gift, and where we are all able to celebrate knowing she has overcome together with us. But we need your help to make this happen: today

You can be the personification of grace today by supporting 24 families in 24 hours. We need to raise $12,000 by midnight in order to tell Imelda’s community their walk for water will soon end. 

Every dollar matters today on Giving Tuesday because every gift will be matched. A kind gift of $125 will double to help 2 people receive clean water for life! 

When we give women like Imelda the tools and training, they are empowered to thrive. Please join us in doing just that by giving today at’s overcome together.

PS. Please help us raise $12,000 by midnight this Giving Tuesday so we can tell Imelda, on your behalf, that Masha Village will soon receive clean, disease-free water.

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