The 14,000 KM Walk for Water

The 14,000 KM Walk for Water
Physically distanced but still together. 


We may not be able to be together much these days, but we can still share in just some of what 1 in 4 Ugandans go through every single day to fetch water from the swamp. 

Join us this March for the 14,000 KM Walk – a great opportunity to move with a purpose while raising awareness for water poverty. We’re looking for people willing to collectively carry a Jerry Can 14,000 kms – the distance from Canada to Uganda – raising the funds to build a TapStand for the Kisabo Village Project.

Ready to move with a purpose? Participating in this meaningful event is easy:

1 | Sign up as a team (household unit) by creating your page on move2help
2 | Pick up a Jerry Can from your participating Church or School location
3 | Connect your respective fitness tracker with your page to track progress
4 | Carry the Jerry Can (as full as you can) as far as you can for four weeks
5 | Get your friends and family to cheer you on through donating kilometres towards the overall goal by scanning the QR code on the Jerry Can or visiting this site

You’ll get some great time outdoors while building connection between your own community and the village of Kisabo.
Every gift and every km counts. 100% of your donations will go towards our Kisabo Village Project which will bring clean, disease-free water to a community of 600, eliminating their daily walk for water: forever.

Ready? Set? Get your shoes on and click HERE to get started.

We can’t wait for you to join us. Together we can move that Jerry Can – full of clean water – all 14,000 KM!!

There are great answers to your FAQs here or ask!

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