October 26, 2023
Project Update

Early this morning, Athens shared some pictures from Irimya – the remote community of 14,000+ people where so many of you are helping build a new water system.

She said the team’s been through a lot over the last few weeks.

The rainy season muddying the construction work. Delays in materials forcing the team to switch from laying pipe to building latrines. And then the elephants that are messing with the crops and water source.

That’s why Athens meeting Rosette today came just on time.

“I want to thank ACTS for coming to our community to bring clean water. This dirty water flowing from the National Park, shared with elephants, baboons, and monkeys, makes us suffer, and we are struggling to survive here. I feel glad that our children are going to soon feel the comfort of not walking in search of water. We have hope now that when clean water comes to us, we shall not have to share it with wild animals anymore. Thank you for feeling kindness toward us – for sharing your kind support with our village of Irimya.”
– Rosette

You’re a big reason why women like Rosette and their children can now hold hope for the future.

The project is progressing, as you see above, and after a few delays, the team will begin the portion of the project in partnership with the Rotary with a groundbreaking ceremony on November 15th!

This means the massive extension of pipe to flow clean water to Irimya will be laid and, soon, Rosette and her daughter Christian will know the taste of clean water (sans elephants) close to home.