June 2, 2022
Project Update

It’s Never About the Tap

As I keep you updated on how the project you’ve helped fund is going, I am reminded of a lesson I learned within my first three months on the job and have been reminded of again this month.

The water crisis is principally about human behavior change more than technology, taps, or tools. As controversial as that may be, we can have the best technology to deliver water in the world (and we do) but without the investment into behavior change – no real impact lasts. 

Our current projects are progressing in great ways (check it out below) – we are actually way ahead of schedule! Thanks to the generosity of each of you, we’ve been able to almost double our team, are on track to complete the ‘hardware’ side of this project quicker than imagined, and have been compelled to add an extra latrine at the health clinic. 

But not everything has gone according to our plans. Shocking, I know! 

Our team has faced setbacks with the human side of the project – the education and motivation of some of the community members. 

Before the taps can be turned on, families need to demonstrate a change in behavior and their physical home environment. Just like for you and me, change can be hard, and in this community, it has proved more difficult than expected. Plus, the area we’re in has some of the largest refugee camps in the world and local leaders are also challenged with stretched resources to allocate time and attention to this project. 

And so, our team presses on. It truly is a work in progress thanks to your generosity!

Much gratitude,

– Jeff

P.S. Did you see our Annual Report? It’s proof that you are helping make a huge impact on peoples’ lives every day in Uganda! I’d love for you to take a look at it HERE.