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How is April going for you?

It’s crazy to take a breath and realize how fast this year is flying by. You, our community, have been a rock for us as we navigated so many unknowns and these updates are a direct result of your support and generosity!


1. ? Our WASH program continues to thrive by teaching more Ugandans about proper sanitation! A total of 6 soap making workshops took place in March in the Muhaha and Kagorogoro villages with 25 participants, including village leaders. The participants loved making soap from ingredients found locally and are excited to improve sanitation and hygiene in their communities!

2. ? Demonstrations of sanitation and hygiene practices were conducted in 4 villages where participants learned how to set up a drying rack, washable floor, a bath shelter, and tippy taps (hands-free washing station). A total of 69 community members participated in these demonstrations and now have better access to proper sanitation practices.

3. ? On average, we had a total of 56 volunteers come out to help us dig, carry sand, and pull pipes on our next project. That means that an estimated total of 3,784 hours of labour was contributed by community members who wanted to be a part of seeing their friends and family benefit from the clean water that will come from this project.


“It is a challenge for me to retrieve water because I live up on the hill and I walk so far down to get water. This takes me 2 hours and the water I do fetch is dirty. I don’t do much for myself because I am weakened by the hill to fetch water. But I am so happy for the good news that Acts has brought to us by giving clean water that I can access close to home! Thank you very much!” 

– Miria, Acts for Water Beneficiary

I thank Acts for bringing clean water. I was taking 2 hours to go behind the hill to fetch water and would find pigs bathing from the same water I was to collect. But today Acts has brought clean water just near my home! Thank you, I will no longer walk a long distance to fetch water.” 

– Angella, Acts for Water Beneficiary

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1. Our 2020-21 Annual Report is live! Click HERE to connect with the impact your support made this year through the vivid images, stories from staff, fun stats, and updates on where Acts for Water is headed next. Plus, you won’t believe what our youngest donor did – find out HERE!

You are a valued part of this community.

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