April 20, 2023
Project Update

I’m at my desk, laughing out loud. Surely this is more than a coincidence…

That village we’re super close to project completion in? It’s called Kanywameizi. 

Which I just learned literally means: drink water. 

Come on… that’s too good. 😂

Your kindness has led to 100% of the taps and toilets being completed in both communities! People are now literally drinking clean water and practicing healthy hygiene because of your gifts.

There’s a lot to celebrate. 

At the beginning of May, hundreds of people from these two areas will gather for a big party to commission the water system extensions and new taps. You’ve had such a significant role in this community and deserve a front-row seat for the big party. We’ll definitely share a video replay soon!

Your kind partnership is making the best kind of difference. Thank you.

PS. Our original plan for these communities involved a total of 13 latrines and 140 tap stands. Due to a lack of funding, timing, and a few taps that could not be refurbished, our team had to adjust the scale of the project. Thankfully the 111 taps and 10 latrine blocks are functioning, and the water is flowing for over 20,000 more people!!