April 7, 2022
Project Update

During this time, as the war in Ukraine continues and the world seems uncertain, our team is reminded of what it means to be resilient. We see it in stories on the news and we see it demonstrated by entire communities overcoming water poverty. 

As Tracey, our Director of International Programs, describes: Resilience is not just about being tough. It’s about being quick to learn, quick to apply those learnings, and having the ability to move forward.” 

Be encouraged by how the people in Kicuzi (where our last project was completed in January) have shown this kind of resilience in the full blog post HERE!

Your gifts are making a big impact every day. Below is a quick snapshot of how our current projects in Uganda are progressing, thanks to your kind support.

It means a ton that you’ve joined us in making this progress possible,

~ Lisa

P.S. Read more about what a resilient community like Kicuzi looks like in the face of overcoming water poverty on our blog, The Reservoir. https://acts.ca/a-resilient-community/