January 26, 2023
Project Update

We just followed up with the Kicuzi project we wrapped up 12 months ago. When we started the project, only 17% of households could meet their basic needs (water, food, shelter, clothing). Now 99% of households report being able to meet basic needs! 

Achieving 99% indicates that, due to this project, people are better equipped, and the most extreme level of poverty has been eradicated from these communities. The full report is in the works, but this high success rate for our sector is too exciting not to share now!

And here’s how our current projects are progressing.

Interesting fact: the two extensions combined will require 14.4 kilometres of pipe. 😲 5.9 kilometres have been laid to date and 8.5 to go. 

Your partnership means so much. Thank you for joining with us in this work!